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About Me

Dennis Brown paints automobiles. Not just any automobiles though, but those that interest him most: antiques, classics, and racing cars. Dennis works in a variety of mediums, but the majority of his work starts out as an outline in pen and ink, followed by filling in with the transparent water color or acrylic. He likes layering deep,vivid colors with bright, hot highlights – the colors glistening so much the car looks freshly painted and still wet from the spray gun.

His Approach to his subjects is as fresh as the look he gives them, displaying intense color and vitality. Dennis is a master at diminishing color values: the front of the car in perspective brighter and more defined than the part that’s in the background.

Sometimes his cars are portrayed as a free standing object of art but more often Dennis creates scenes in which he places the cars to give them additional life. Possibly because of his background and experience in magazine illustrations, the people in his painting look as though they belong there. He doesn’t paint people just to have more elements in the picture, they are there to add immediacy and presence to the picture.

Dennis Brown’s award winning work has been commissioned by major automobile companies worldwide, and is represented in private and public collections in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Dennis is a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and won the AFAS award of excellence in 2004. He is also a member of the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators and a contributing artist for Road & Track and other acclaimed publications. Dennis says: “I love the automobile. I can think of no other form of transportation that has as much history or art associated with it. The automobile is always changing and always innovating. Enjoy!”